Suggest A Theme For Our 2016 TEDx Event!

Suggest a theme for our next event

We're really excited this year to be kicking off organizing our 2016 TEDx event by asking our community for input on our event theme. You have until midnight on Sunday, September 27th to submit your theme suggestions — and if we pick yours, you'll get two tickets to the 2016 event.

It's important to note the difference between a TEDx theme and a topic or subject. Each TEDx talk is about and "Idea Worth Spreading" on one specific topic or area of expertise. A theme, if a TEDx event chooses to have one, is a concept broad enough to apply to a wide variety of topics and speakers from diverse backgrounds.

One example of a theme that the Portsmouth community might be interested in discussing is "Growth" — this could apply to our rapidly growing city, the growth of an individual through a life-changing experience, the growth of a child's mind during its formative years, the growth of the farm to table movement, etc.

TED and TEDx events often have themes that are catch phrases or dichotomies: Mavericks & Misfits or The Substance of Things Not Seen

We've even put together a Pinterest board of TED and TEDx themes for inspiration:

Pinterest screenshot of theme ideas 

Do you have an idea for a theme that would be broad enough to encompass a lot of really cool talks and performances? Please, let us know!

You have until midnight on September 27th to suggest a theme. If yours is picked, you will win two tickets to the 2016 event, which is happening next May.

Learn more about what a TEDx theme is or make your suggestion of a theme for our next event here:

Suggest a Theme