What Topics Do You Want to Discuss at #TEDx03801 2016?


TEDxPiscataquaRiver is returning in May of 2016, and we're brainstorming around theme, topics and questions to shape the discussions of our next event.

What big questions have you encountered in your work this year? What concepts have hit you as really interesting or intriguing? Have you been wondering what is behind certain trends or why people keep having the same types of arguments?

We'd love to hear about the things that have tickled your fancy and piqued your interest this past year, both globally and locally, across science, technology, art, sociology, philosophy, medicine, entertainment, business, social justice, design and education. 

Here are some guidelines from TED on coming up with topics and questions for a TEDx event:

  • Ask new questions - When creating your list, you want to highlight ideas that most people haven't thought about before. Don’t aim to reinforce world views.
  • Think local - Consider choosing topics that TED can't address on our global stage. What new ideas are being discussed and created in your community? What critical issues are big thinkers and innovators talking about in your local community?
  • Think global - Think about how you can reflect your community outward to the world. What could the rest of the world learn from your community? And alternatively, what could your community learn from the world that they don’t know?

We'd love to hear what topics interest you — as a community member of the greater Seacoast area and as a global citizen. 

Please suggest a topic or question here:

suggest a topic