Speaker/Performer Nomination

Nominate a speaker or performer to present at TEDxPiscataquaRiver.


Speakers should review TED's rules for TEDx speakers, and refer to our TEDxPiscataquaRiver Speaker Information page for guidelines.

This year, we are also hosting TEDx Speaker Auditions — the first one is Saturday, May 20th at Portsmouth Public Library, from 10am to 2pm — you can sign up for your spot in the auditions here (It is also required that you still fill out the application below.)


For performers, we're looking for people and/or groups who are:

  • unique and unexpected — if it's a performer people know, their performance should be unexpected/new
  • perhaps a mashup of two or more types of performances or visual arts that aren't typically seen together
  • high-energy or REALLY compelling

We are not looking for:

  • Standalone performers, unless they bring something very unique to the TEDx stage
  • Performers or performances that are regularly seen around the area (unless their TEDx performance brings something completely different/new)
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Info about your nominee
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Tell us briefly about the speaker. What’s their occupation? Any honors or distinctions? Their recent work? Why are you recommending them?
Speaker: What might their TEDx talk be about? What makes them uniquely qualified to talk about it? Performer: What will their performance add to the event that hasn't been seen locally before?
What is their connection to the Seacoast/NH?
Under what category would this presenter most likely fall?